Going negative has become a staple of political campaigns and politics. Candidates are always seeking to put down their opponents. Ariel’s work for the community has not come without scars. As a wise man once said, “if you don’t have them you have not accomplished much.”

Over the last 20 years Ariel has dedicated himself to building a better community and a government that is more responsive to the needs of residents.

Ariel’s First Amendment Rights Were Violated

Following large crime sprees and public safety concerns in 2015, Ariel advocated on behalf of residents to then Assistant City Manager for Public Safety Frank Fernandez (no relation). The Assistant City Manager and then City Manager Cathy Swanson Rivenbark, both of whom were forced to resign soon thereafter, requested the City Attorney’s office to send Ariel a cease and desist letter prohibiting him from asking any questions about public safety. This act against a resident was a clear First Amendment Right violation. Ariel fought, independent of the Courts, and secured the full withdrawal of the letter from the City Attorney. Ariel has always voiced his opinion on the importance of accountability of staff. His record proves he will be a strong voice for residents on the City Commission. READ: Political Cortadito – City uses legal muscle to gag Coral Gables activist.

Gables Insider

Ariel is the Founder and Editor of Gables Insider, the largest circulating news publication in the City of Coral Gables. Gables Insider has provided Coral Gables residents and stakeholders the most complete coverage of City Commission meetings, deals being considered and actions being taken by our City government. The publication has always made it a priority to point out facts with access to documentation for readers to make educated decisions on issues. Writing about issues at City Hall has brought about serious opposition from those in office and those in leadership roles. Ariel has always maintained full independence and remained unbought and unbossed.

Standing for our City’s Charm

Since moving into Coral Gables, Ariel has been a strong voice to prevent development encroaching into our residential neighborhoods. Ariel has spoken out numerous times against projects such as the Plaza/Agave, Gables Station, Ponce Park Residences and the Mobility Hub. This has irritated developers and elected politicians who have made their sentiments clear: “Anybody but Ariel!” Ariel believes the City is at a crossroads where we, the residents, must decide the path we want for the future of our City.

Advocating in Tallahassee

Ariel is the founder of the Hispanic Policy Group and has worked to advocate on behalf of Hispanics in the State in front of the State Legislature. He has lobbied in favor of access to affordable energy in front of the Legislature, as well as improving Hurricane response following Hurricane Irma on behalf of Coral Gables residents.

Work in Congress

Opponents will tell you that Ariel worked for United States Congressman David Rivera as his Deputy District Director. Over a decade ago, Ariel headed Rivera’s district office’s constituent services operations with a team of dedicated individuals, which at the time was acclaimed by House of Representatives leadership as one of the best constituent service operations in Congress. Ariel never worked in nor was he involved with Rivera’s political campaigns. After learning of the accusations being made of Rivera, Ariel supported Rivera’s opponent in the subsequent election. Ariel has not seen or spoken to Rivera in over a decade.

Campaign Consultant

Ariel’s The American Strategies Group (TASG), has consulted numerous candidates for municipal, county, state and federal office. In Coral Gables, TASG has been a part of the campaigns of Mayor Vince Lago, Commissioner Rhonda Anderson and Javier Baños.


Have questions about Ariel’s record? Ask him!

You can email Ariel at ariel@voteariel.com or call him at 305-684-3874.